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Extensive Global Network of Proven Language Instructors

High Quality Online Tutoring via Cloud-based LMS

200+ Language Group Courses for Any Level of Skills

40+ Languages

Worldwide Language Instructors Located in Native Language Countries

Turnkey Solutions of Courses For International Companies

Language Courses Delivered and Administrated via the Dedicated Learning Management Systems

LangLinx offers language courses delivered and administered through dedicated learning management systems, tailored to the specific needs of corporate clients. Our system allows for efficient and cost-effective language training for international employees, resulting in improved communication and adaptation in target countries. With LangLinx, companies can easily manage and track progress of their employees’ language learning.

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Unlock Global Communication with LangLinx: High-Quality Online Language Tutoring Services

LangLinx is a global online language tutoring company that offers a wide range of language services for international corporations. Our experienced team of language instructors are based in various countries around the world, allowing us to provide tailored language training to our clients.

We offer turnkey language services that include personalized language instruction, learning management systems, and support for international employees in their target countries. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each client and their industry, making the integration process smooth and efficient.

Our Director of Studies has several years of experience in corporate language tutoring and is dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality language instruction. We use the latest technology and a tailored learning management system to make the logistics of language training as simple as possible.

Dedicated Learning Management System for Each Client

Easily Select the Courses for Your Levels and Industries. At LangLinx, we prepare a variety of language courses tailored to your skill level, so you can suggest the course content that best fits your needs and achieve your language learning goals.

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Based on our extensive professional background fromthe Globalization Centers of Sun Microsystems and Oracle, our organization leverages long-term relationships and collaborations with a network of experienced and proven linguistic experts and linguistic communities around the globe in target countries.

Amplify Employees' Verbal and Communication Skills

Unlock your full potential with LangLinx's dedicated Learning Management Systems, where you can improve your language skills and reach new heights in your career.

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Accelerating onboarding and adaptation processes for international companies hiring global talents.


Trust over 20+ Years of LangLinx Networking Experiences with People in the Language and Globalization Services

Leveraging 20+ Years of Globalization Experience from Sun Microsystems and Oracle, LangLinx offers top-quality corporate language training. With a network of experienced and proven linguistic experts and communities around the globe, LangLinx draws from long-term relationships and collaborations to provide customized language training solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Our language training services are designed to improve intracompany communication and provide adaptation courses for international employees in target countries.

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